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RS 1100 1994-2001 Windshield
Original shields measures about 15” tall from bottom to top center and about 21” at the widest point. All replacement shields measure about four inches wider just below the crown & widest point.

The original shield is simply too short and narrow to be effective. These replacement shields incorporate a reverse curve that pushes the air up and over the rider. The result is a shield that reduces the ram air blast and buffeting that’s associated with others. Four sizes to choose form for a shield that suits your riding needs.

Manufactured from .187 aircraft grade acrylic and available in clear, green, light & dark gray tints.


*All orders are custom built, Please allow 9 - 14 working days for delivery*



Price/Color options
BMW 1100 RS
1994 - 2001
Width: 4" Wider than stock
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1100 RS Windshield/Clear
Headlight Guard Combo
No Refunds or Exchanges on Opaque Black & Dark Gray Tints

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