Windshield Color/Tint Gallery

  • Clear is transparent providing 100 % light transmission.
Light Gray
  • Light Gray is a very subtle tint that's DOT approved, it helps conceal scratches & an excellent choice for all conditions. Please note the actual tint is lighter than shown in the photograph (it is very difficult to photograph without it looking darker).
Dark Gray
  • Dark Gray looks similar to dark sunglasses, it's designed to be looked over & an ideal choice for a sleek sporty look.
Light Green
  • Light Green is a very subtle tint that's DOT approved and similar to a light aqua green.
Opaque Black
  • Opaque Black is the same as black glass (non-transparent & zero visibility) it must be clearly looked over at all times.
DOT or Dept of Transportation approved tints are safe to use in any light or weather condition & also provides UV protection

Running Light Color/Tint Gallery