Windshield Care and Cleaning

!!! WARNING !!!

DO NOT use paper products for cleaning. Paper towels, paper napkins or even tissue paper will cause scratches.
DO NOT place un-protected shields on top of the box it was shipped in. Scratches will result.


First rinse off with clean water and pat dry with a contaminant free damp chamois, micro fiber or cotton flannel material. Wash with a non abrasive soap and clean water. Always use your bare hand to feel and dislodge any caked on dirt or debris. Shields must be clean and free of dirt prior to applying any cleaners or polishing products.

Use only approved plastic cleaning products with contaminant free wipes such as terry cloth, micro fiber, or cotton flannel. DuPont aerospace wipes are the very best because they’re 100% contaminant free & available from Cee Baileys Aircraft Plastics. Avoid cleaning when static electricity is present as it may cause dirt particles to stick to the windshield.


Grease and oil may be removed from the windshield with Hexane or Kerosene. Then wash off the residue with a non-abrasive soap and clean water as described above.


Do not use solvents such as Acetone, Benzene, Carbone Tetrachloride, Fire Extinguisher Fluid, Paint Stripper or any Lacquer Thinner. Do not use Lock tite, ammonia, bleach, Windex, Rain X, or any other type of kitchen cleaning products.