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Piaggio MP3 250-400cc Scooter 2007-2014 Motorcycle Windshield Cee Baileys - Piaggio MP3 250-400cc 2007-2014 Motorcycle Windshield
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Cee Baileys Aircraft Plastics Item #: MWPGMP3SCT0714 -

2007 - 2014 PIAGGIO MP3 250-400ccREPLACEMENT WINDSHIELDOriginal size measures 22" tall by 14" wide when off the bike.Our shield picks up where the original left off. Four sizes to choose from with a size that suits your specific riding needs. All shields are approximately four inches wider and that just the beginning. These shields are designed with a subtle reverse curve that pushes the air up and over the rider. The result is a nice pocket of air that reduces or eliminates the turbulent...